I have had one of the best summers ever. I have been fishing and catching (two different things). It’s been fun and when I stop to look around I am among some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen. I have also been giving to opportunity to go archery hunting with my neighbor. Over the month of September I have hiked at least 20 miles up and down mountains and through aspens. We have been hunting Elk and we had a few opportunities to take one down. It didn’t work out but I enjoyed the hunt. Between the hiking and the organic diet, I have gotten in to shape. I feel great.




17" Rainbow @ Cimarron

Catch of the day @ Pine Creek

25 Degrees - Fun

Don't send me all your red neck jokes and no I'm not drinking budweiser now.

Thank you Demetrius for letting me tag along

Goblin Valley UT. This is my dream truck and yes mud included.

Speaking of mud, I spent a night at Arches NP and drove from Moab, UT to Gateway, CO. I drove up over a mountain and got caught in 4 miles of some of the muddiest roads I have ever seen. I was stressed out for the fact I was alone and out of cell coverage. After it's all said and done, my Tundra drove through with out any issue. If I did get stuck I had all my camp gear, food and water. I am now re thinking my crazy road trips. Always plan and be prepared.


Father & Son at age 2

FISH ON! Gunnison River at Cimmaron 2013

A bike named Case has been given some love this summer. New dual side draft 12 pack racks and rust free chrome wheels and white wall tires. It was time to clean up the 21 years of San Diego ocean rust and give it new life.


Spring 2013: I am happy spring is here. The crazy thing is we head to higher elevations and the lakes are still frozen. I'm sure that will change soon with today being 95 degrees. I have been talking with my neighbors and they can't wait to take me hunting. I moved from the surf capital of the US to the hunting capitol. Hunting Elk, Turkey, Pheasant and don't forget all the fishing. It's cool and I'm looking forward to going hunting but I'm not so sure I have it in me to pull the trigger. I think I just want to go along for the hunt. We will see and I will keep you posted.

I'm having a blast being a dad and enjoy the time I spend with the kids. I have made a few trips back to California for some good projects. I'm actually headed back to San Diego tomorrow for a job and be back this weekend. I know it's insane to do all that driving but so far it's been working out. One of these days I will get things started here in Colorado but still happy to have the opportunity in California.

One of the nice things about where we live is the young families. It seams as if everyone we meet has a 4 and 2 year old. The kids have fun and the parents are nice. They look at us crazy when they hear we moved from San Diego. We have met some really kind people through the CSA farm and the farm we purchase our meat share through. The kids love going to the farmers market and mixing it up.

This town has a cool network of bike paths everywhere. The kids dig going for rides. We found a great deal on craigslist for the kid hauler and the tandem hook up for KeOna. So far we have been able to do 80% of our in town travel with the bikes and not use the trucks. I still have the beach cruiser and its fun to run errands with. Did I mention we have a BMX course here in town. I think I moved back to 1970 Placerville. There is a huge mountain bike community here on the western slope and it looks like fun but right now I'm just haulin kids.

When we do go on drives the kids have there demands for music. Beastie Boy's, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Artic Monkeys, The Beatles, Marvin Gay, St Germain, Santigold, Mute Math, Oasis, The Clash, Stone Roses and Chruchill. KeOna loves to sing and does a pretty good job. Luke gets mad and tells her to stop so he can sing. He does a good job with the Artic Monkeys 505. The song he demands most is Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys. He watched the video on youtube and calls it the "Robot Lizzard Song". Nothing is more funny then when they are singing "Hey Ladies" while feeding the chickens.

We kids are lucky to have LaShonda. She is a great wife and a wonderful mother. She has worked really hard to help us live a much better life. I can't remember eating this much nutrition and feeling this good. We have a load of energy and we need it to keep up with this crew. She really makes this home happy and healthy.

The summer of 2012 we took a month off and traveled around the western United States from El Paso, TX to the Grand Tetons, WY and back to San Diego via Utah. It was a great trip camping at national and state parks. That is how we found the Western Slope of Colorado. It's absolutely Beautiful here.

Silverton Fall 2012

Bryce Canyon Summer 2012

Grand Tetons Summer 2012

When the sport gods created the San Diego Chargers and Padres, they said we could have one but not the other.

Championships or perfect weather. Now you know why we don't have a ring.

Sunset Cliffs - Nov 2012