End of Summer 2013:

As all summers, this one past by way too fast. Our garden exceeded our expectations and gave us a large bounty. We are still harvesting tomatoes, cucumbers and okra. The monsoon rains have been a big help. LaShonda has been busy keeping up with both the vegetables from our garden and the CSA. Our kitchen has been canning central. It smells and taste great. Here in the late summer we have been slicing up peaches, apples and pears and dehydrating them. Now that’s candy. We are extremely happy to be living here on the western slope.

As you will see below the kids are happy fishing and playing at the park. Luke has been a big help in the garden with watering and KeOna helps pick the cherry tomatoes. Both kids did a great job on the Huckleberries. 10lbs. It’s been a great summer and now the Aspens are starting to turn color. We look forward to the fall color but still not mentally ready for the season that starts with W.


Fishing Dallas Creek:

Doing a good job!

Next year we are spreading out the tomatoe plants.

Crafts at the park. (Nice Hat)

Riding the Gondola at Telluride.

One of these Turkey's is going to be our Thankgiving dinner. Thank you CSA

Cucumebers are now bread & butter pickles and relish. Crazy Good!

 Home Made Ice Cream

Our neighbor Gabriel likes to bake so LaShonda put him to the test.

What do they say about a bad day of fishing?


Summer 2013:

This is a mid summer update. We have been busy with our back yard garden and enjoying the fruits of our labor. We have been camping and fishing as well. I'm so proud that the kids have now caught their first fish. We have two more months of summer and I will update as we go. Enjoy your summer!

Lets Go Dad

Catch & Release

Watch Out Trout, We're going to get ya

Colorado Rainbow Trout

KeOna's First Fish

Luke's First Fish

Parchment Paper Trout and Organic Corn

Camping Fun - Glow Stick Rave

Sun Oven Chicken!