Spring 2013:  Luke is 2 1/2.  He loves Thomas the Train and all things with motors and wheels.  Oh yea, and dinasours!  Which he calls "Saucer Toothes" because of the movie Land Before Time.  He loves telling me that KeOna is in big trouble.  And at bed time he says: "Just Kona not Luke".  About 6 months ago he stopped calling her Na-na and started Kona.  He's almost got it. 

When he turned two he could recognize all his letters and numbers to 10. He knows his basic shapes including Octagon and Hexagon.  He also knows his colors.  He still misses a letter or two while saying his ABC's.  Now we are working on the sounds.  Just today (June 2013) we were looking at a pack of seeds for the garden and he said C.    A.   R.   R.   O   T.  Then he looked at the picture and said "that says carrot, mama".

His bottom teeth have almost completely straightened out.  The denist said "sometimes the jaw just widens out".  I attribute it to the extended breastfeeding, Price-Pottenger Nutritional Foundation and WAP diet.  He has been doing really good with the potty for a long time now.  I packed up all the cloth diapers months ago.  I'm not sure how much money we saved by doing the cloth diapers but I would recommend it especially if you can get your baby to go #2 in the potty at 3 months.  That made it even easier. We also used disposables at night and on the road. 

Luke is more than a year and a half old now and he is growing up way to fast. He is a funny little dude and very sweet. We love him very much and look forward to watching him grow and learn. I am already planting the seeds of camping and fishing. I hope he becomes the great outdoors man. Mom just wants him to be safe.

Together Luke and I are learning to Fly Fish. Luke is doing better then me. Nice Cast!

A Day at Coronado

Keeping Warm

The Humidifer!

Thanks Aunt Amanda