Spring 2013

KeOna is getting so tall.  She is fearless on the play ground and really tries to keep up with all the big kids.  She now has a co-pilot on the back on my bike and she loves going for rides.  At 4 1/2, she knows her ABC's and can recognize all her letters and now she working on the sounds.  She knows her shapes, colors and can count pretty high.  Her hair is getting so long...  KeOna loves water; Chase is teaching her to swim and she never wants to leave the pool.

On our girls only trip to New Mexico (March 2013) KeOna stayed awake from 3 a.m. till 1 pm.  I thought she was just excited to see Grandpa but she said she had to help me drive because of all the snow and deer in the mountains.  Gotta love that girl! 

She loves helping me in the kitchen, especially baking sweets and stealing some of my bread dough to bake her own.  She loves going to the library and playing games on the computer.  She is looking forward to going camping soon.

Pink Snow - Winter 2012

The Steamer!


Keona and her friends from next door. YUM YUM Cupcakes!

Our friends from across the street

Keona's New Kitchen. "Get Cookin"

Birthday Waffles !

Keona is now 4 years old and very smart. Watch what you say because she has a memory of an elephant. She is funny and wise. We love her very much and happy she is part of our family. Her and Luke have become great friends and loving brother and sister.